Essential Marketing Insights 2020

Animal names are the buzzwords in SEO at the moment, not just any animal names, but those which Google uses to name its new updates, its search criteria, its attempts to cut back on bad links, poorly designed and filled web sites and spam or scam sites; the sites which use spam or purchased back links to gain a better placing in the search results. SEM and SEO jobs in Europe for example is another indicator of European reality as since October 2007, SEO jobs increased 63% and SEM jobs decreased 30% and in general Internet Marketing jobs decreased 38% according to Simply Hired, a silicon valley based SEO consulting company.
We are happy to provide strategies and content to businesses, that are located in Germany, but would like to be more present on the international market as well as to companies, that have sites abroad or are planning to expand their business internationally.

We are confident that we can offer you the best web promotion services for your company, regardless of where in the world you are located, as we are not limited to doing SEO in Germany alone, and that we are also able to improve the visibility and the traffic of your website.
Starting with the creation and marketing of various web projects such as shops, corporate websites or magazines, we have grown from a web service provider to a software provider especially for WordPress by working on ever more demanding and complex challenges.

Working with native speakers of German, we have the ability to provide German search engine optimization (SEO) services to obtain fast Results for SEO higher search rankings across German search engines so that you can reach out to your prospective German clients and customers.
He says is lower in Europe, although in general the percentage growth is rising up, there is also a problem and is most companies doesn't know pretty much about this or undervalue it, my opinion goes that this is growing in Europe in ways we never imagined one of those key drivers are for example cost-effective campaigns, PPC or organic presence by using social ads that increase traffic for example, companies should create in-house SEO team or include them in the Marketing department for example.

Our standard search engine optimization and content marketing plan is for mid-size business, in this package we target only main important pages and this includes local marketing campaigns as well as international marketing, write blog post for link building with limited high quality links.
The supermarket giant opted for a strategy of making acquisitions in the German market rather than building their presence from the ground up. In December 1997, it took control of the €1.2 million revenue Wertkauf chain, made up of 21 retail stores, for around $1.04 billion.

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