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Lin Huaibin of IHS Markit, a research firm, points out that some firms now splash out on Western designers—witness the sleek SUVs which will grace the Shanghai motor show when it opens on April 16th. By some estimates domestic sales will surpass those of foreign brands by 2020. The biggest threat to Grab in the future may come from “Be,” the latest local player in the Vietnamese ride-hailing market. The company asserted that it was able to drum up hundreds of millions of dollars in local investment.
For the first half-year of 2021, the value of retail sales reached 39.46 billion patacas, an uplift of 118.4 percent year on year. The value of Macao’s retail sales for the second quarter of 2021 totaled 20.70 billion patacas (about 2.58 billion U.S. dollars), up 200 percent year on year, the special administrative region’s statistic department said on Tuesday. "People like to buy American products, because we remember them from before 1975," he said.

"There will be a market in the future. Singapore 20 years ago was just as poor as this country is now." For one thing, Vietnam is a poor country with an average per capita income of just $240 (about $820 in Ho Chi Minh City). Imported cars have sticker prices of more than $60,000, putting them out of reach for all but a few people. Yungas Road, or most commonly known as the “Death Road”, laid ahead of them.
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Efforts to reduce overheads across the business resulted in selling and distribution expenses falling 28.5 percent to $37.4 million. The company also managed to cut inventory by 44.1 percent year on year, some of that relating to fewer raw materials after the Shunde plant was closed. Passenger vehicles accounted for 70 percent and commercial and special-purpose vehicles for the rest, according to the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association . The strong sales numbers for the EV makers come as a global recovery in auto sales is being threatened by chip shortage that has forced automakers around the world to adjust assembly lines, cut productions and shutter factories. Nio, Li Auto and Xpeng compete with U.S. electric car maker Tesla, which dominates the EV market in China. Meanwhile GfK has reported that sales of gaming laptops in the country grew 217 percent in the first five months of the year.
Trang is a popular town for backpackers in transit to the islands so a colourful and vibrant tourist scene awaits us at our overnight halt. A testing day, for sure, so the welcoming portico of the Eastern and Orient Hotel – The Pearl of Penang – will be a welcome sight and provide us with some much-needed rest. Having squeezed in a final cup of Cameron Highlands’ finest blend at breakfast, we head off through the impressive countryside towards the Island of Penang on the northern end of the Malacca Strait. Today’s route incorporates the Dato Sagor circuit test, then north the old favourite ‘Tour de France’ 10km tarmac hill-climb test and then drops down to cross the 24km Penang Second Bridge – the longest bridge in South East Asia.
It is also offered to the market as Pick-up, double cab, van and minibus. Such a huge variety of bodies gives customer a line of fine choices to buy according to their need. The final Passage Control of the day was at Com Nieu Nui Tau, following which the rally set off through some impressive roadside sand dunes before pulling into the luxurious beachside night Halt in Mui Ne. Nah Trang is a busy Asian city and, like the rest of them, it was full of scooters, buses and bicycles this morning as we left the sanctuary of the Intercontinental Hotel to continue on our Road to Saigon.

Bob Harrod and the rest of his sweep crew soon had them up and running though, and they made the night halt along with everyone else. The lunch Time Control was at Wat Tham Kao Wong where we saw Bistro 315 in action once again serving teas, coffee, cold drinks and snacks before the crews set off to drive through yet more pineapple fields to the highlight of the day, the Agrimaize Test. Almost 4.5km of roughly made tracks; through, across and between, a soon to be harvested cane crop, had been closed for us by another crack team of marshals and policemen with miles of warning tape and two way radios at their disposal. Once out of the regularity and with the rally heading towards the final passage control of the day, at Ban Khao Lan, we spotted the sweep team of Jamie Turner and Bob Harrod themselves struggling with a broken trip meter.
For the first time in the history of the motor show, there will be a mobile app with the latest news about the exhibition, visitor support services, brands and car models exhibited. During the Volvo Brand Experience tour we quickly realized that as a company Volvo has always been a leader in safety technology as it relates to their cars. Today volvo saigon they are on the cutting edge of implementing a number of safety measures as well as state of the art collision-avoidance technologies within the vehicles. Part of this package includes a laser sensor that recognizes stopped vehicles in front of your car – and if you are approaching too rapidly at certain speeds, it will begin braking for you.

From the bustling trading city of Singapore, the Road to Saigon Rally 2018 left this epitome of the modern world to the heart of ancient civilisations in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, with everything else in between. The fact that Japanese and Korean automakers almost absolutely dominate the Vietnamese car market is also a disadvantage for consumers who do not have the opportunity to access other options. A lame comparison, a bit like the subsidy period when people only had a very limited opportunity to choose from a few items.
The Toyota Corona is at number one on the list of famous used cars for sale in Vietnam. The car is offered by automotive manufacturer Toyota between 1957 till 2002. Conventionally, the competitor of Toyota Corona is Nissan Bluebird offered by Nissan. The word "corona" is basically a Latin world which means "crown", which is a reference to a previous car introduced by Toyota called the Toyota Crown. Toyota Corona Premio is spacious, comfortable and reliable car even if you buy a used one which is why it is extremely famous in Vietnam.
This 11km section went pretty much up the side of a hill on a concrete and tarmac surface with plenty of tight bends, steep corners and lots of reassuring armco. Over the top though it was a different story and the long shallow downhill, set at a modest 30kph, turned out to be the most challenging Regularity of the rally. The metalled road quickly turned into a dirt track, rutted and rain damaged, which saw one or two crews bouncing out of their seats and failing entirely to keep the car pointing in the right sort of direction. Much to the amusement of the handful of villagers who’d turned out to watch the cars pass by.

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