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When selling a property in Turkey you will need to take into account liability for capital gains tax, which exists in most countries. This tax will be calculated based on the difference between the sales value and the amount paid when you purchased the property. However, if you are selling after 5 years of ownership, you will be exempt from this ta… Read More

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You only have to get a new one, when the data on the surface of the card change (e.g. a change of names or a title) or when the card is damaged. If there is an expiration date on the back side of the card, it is only to show the validity of the European insurance card. The same fee must also be paid for each of the other persons covered by your ins… Read More

As investigators later learned, the fatal night began around 8 hours earlier at the Murdaugh family's river home on a private island. Then-19-year-old Paul Murdaugh gathered five friends for a night of partying. Among them were Connor Cook, Connor's cousin Anthony Cook, and Anthony's girlfriend Mallory Beach. All were underage, towing service say i… Read More