Turned out that those little dances paid more than emceeing so I made the switch. I have preformed at over a 1000 parties and have danced at bars, houses and clubs. Our male strippers are required to bring their own music and sound system. If you have a better sound system that he can connect to then that’s fantastic. If you have special songs th… Read More

Comserve Ltd have amobile pressure which doesn’t require electricity or a water supply. In Swansea, this can be quite useful as not every building has an outdoor water supply or easy access to electricity. We have a team who are trained to use the water washing system safely. No matter how big or small your property is, we can ensure that our str… Read More

When picking supplies for these specialty jobs, one must be mindful of quality in manufacturing. We have attended various trainings over the years to learn more about the different product lines available to our customers. Our company was formed in the state of Texas in 2001 as Stewart Builders, Inc. d.b.a. Keystone Site Work. Later in 2007 Keyston… Read More

Young winemakers are traveling the world to discover modern technologies and apply them in Croatia. Experimentation with winemaking, such as oak usage or concrete egg fermentation tanks, is allowing them to find their unique style. Indigenous varieties, such as Plavac Mali, thrive in the parched limestone soils of the coast, providing a strong sens… Read More

So contact us today and you'll be cruising before you know it. Jr's Wheels & Tires provides all the car and truck services you need to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. When we're not fixing brakes or providing regular maintenance, we're customizing and optimizing with lift and leveling kits, lowering kits, powder coating services and after… Read More